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“As the founder of Solutions for Tuition and Solutions for Tuition Education, Jay Murray helps parents, grandparents, and students avoid costly mistakes.”

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Jay Murray has worked with over 600 families and speaks regularly to students, parents, grandparents, CPA’s, financial advisors, service organizations, business owners, employees and many others about the dramatic changes taking place in college funding today and how to implement effective strategies to save money, reduce stress, and properly integrate college funding into their lifestyles.

Jay and his team show clients how to qualify for financial aid awards and how to maximize their award. For those clients not qualifying for financial aid, Jay can show them how to capture powerful tax scholarships for their children and grandchildren. They have even helped wealthy families qualify for financial aid. Every family is different. That's why they offer a complimentary consultation - to discover how they can help their clients save money.

In addition to extensive education and experience Jay, and Kathy - his wife of 30 years - have had two children in college and one child in high school simultaneously - and understand firsthand the challenges facing today’s families. Jay’s passions include fly fishing, playing guitar and the Tennyson Center for Children.

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Advisory Services offered through Solutions for Tuition, LLC - a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of Colorado.

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Should we invest in stocks or pay off student loans with money gifted to us from our wedding?
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There are many factors to consider.  Are your student loans federal loans?  If so, you may have some valuabe features associated with your loans, such as Income Based Repayment and loan forgiveness programs such as Teach for America.  Since you are both teachers, it is likely you have investigated this last option.  If not, visit https://www.teachforamerica.org/ .  Lastly, what is the interest rate you are paying on your loans?  Does the fact that you have loans keep you up at night?  Next, we must look at your investment options, which begins with an understanding of your risk tolerance and an overall understanding of investment options.

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Can you a receive a tax benefit for contributing towards your child's school tuition?
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Can I get a loan sent to me instead of my school, so that I can pay my living expenses?
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