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“Tiffany Alexy is part of the real estate and finance industry and is committed to making life easier for investors and advisors through her knowledgeable insights.”

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Tiffany Alexy is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and a big fan of lifestyle design. After trying desperately to enjoy 9-5 life, she left what many would consider "dream" jobs to work on her own business ventures. Currently, she is a team lead on the Lucky Penny Real Estate Team, and also the Co-founder of Divvy Investments.

Tiffany's thirst for investing started in college when she picked up A Random Walk Down Wall Street. She immediately related with the philosophy of passive investing, as she largely followed that approach with her real estate investments. Her interest in business and entrepreneurship landed her in the Global Innovation Management program at NC State University, where she obtained her Masters degree in 2014. After a brief stint at Vanguard (where she also got her Series 7 & 63), Tiffany knew she wasn't meant for corporate life and instead set out on pursuing her own entrepreneurial ventures.

Through Tiffany's  studies and travels, she's learned to take the long view. Value doesn't come from short term "one-off" solutions, but rather mutually beneficial relationships. She doesn't see life as a zero sum game, with a clear winner and loser. She see's it as opportunities, abundance, more than enough to go around.

Tiffany is a real estate broker, startup co-founder, entrepreneur, investor, and relationship cultivator. She loves helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.

In her spare time, Tiffany likes to read, ride horses, and host private house concerts for budding musicians.


MS, Global Innovation Management, North Carolina State University
BA, Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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