Rebecca Dawson

Retirement, Investing, Taxes
“Rebecca Dawson is an experienced, independent financial advisor offering personalized wealth and investment management guidance to a select group of individuals, families, and businesses in Southern California and around the country.”

Silber Bennett Financial

Job Title:

Senior Vice-President


Rebecca Dawson is an experienced, independent financial advisor offering personalized wealth and investment management guidance to a select group of individuals, families, and businesses in Southern California and around the country. Her mission is to be a trusted advisor to her clients by partnering with them to identify what is most important in their financial lives while providing tailored solutions to help achieve their goals.

For over 20 years, Rebecca has served as a financial advisor. She has developed highly refined methods for evaluating client's needs and formulating successful investment strategies. She and her staff provide an exceptional level of service to her clients, who are typically worth well in excess of $1 million and include some of the most prominent people in the United States.

Before joining Silber Bennett, Rebecca managed her own independent brokerage office since 1999. Prior to that she held similar positions with PaineWebber, Merrill Lynch, and Alex.Brown & Sons.

Her clientele have included corporate presidents, and officers, charitable foundations, pension funds, business owners, and wealthy retirees. Her affiliation with Silber Bennett Financial provides her clients with full service wealth strategies.

Professional & Securities Licenses:

FINRA Series 53 Municipal Securities Principal

FINRA Series 79 Investment Banking

FINRA Series 7 General Securities

FINRA Series 22 Direct Participation Programs

FINRA Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent State Law


BA, Liberal Arts, Magna cum Laude, University of Texas at Austin




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What is the best investment option for me to grow my Roth IRA retirement account: ETFs, real estate, or something else?
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Having a diversified portfolio is the first step. Working with a Financial Advisor that could help you determine your specific risk tolerances and help with proper asset allocation.

If real estate interests you there are non traded and publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts that could pay a current distribution along with capital appreciation potential. The non traded REITs are not correlated to the stock market so that is one advantage for diversification. ETFs are also attractive and have many different investment goals and industry/sector types. You may buy ETFs just like you would an individual stock in the open market as they are very liquid.

If you were to buy real estate directly with your IRA it can be tricky. You will need enough money in your account to cover all expenses: maintenance, taxes, etc. There is no commingling of non-IRA funds with your IRA investment. Many IRA administrators will not handle real estate. Finding lenders to help with the purchase has historically been challenging, because any mortgage must be nonrecourse. That is, you and your IRA are off-limits to the lender.

In IRAs, investors may hold different types of investments such as real estate limited partnerships, individual stocks, individual bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, closed end funds, unit investment trusts, treasuries and/or CDs.

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