Cesar de la Cerda

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“As a Financial Adviser with 17 years of experience, I takes a client-centric approach to help you achieve realistic goals more effectively in an efficient manner.”


Job Title:

Investment Advisor


Cesar de la Cerda is an investment professional in Houston, Texas with 17 years of financial services experience and founder of Envisionvest. Cesar has helped thousands of people achieve realistic financial goals and brought financial visions come to light. He served in the United States Navy as a corpsman and is a graduate of the University of Houston where he focused his studies on economics and finance. He has a passion for helping others and educating individuals, families and businesses for success!

Cesar works with individuals and business owners in the Texas area to identify risk and provide solutions to meet those specific needs. Individuals and businesses alike can be at different stages in their life phase and require different necessities at different times. He helps identify risk through a discovery process that helps prioritize essentials and helps to keep clients on track for financial independence. He hasn’t forgotten about lifestyle, after all that is why individuals and business owners do what they do.

Cesar believes the importance of financial independence provides us time to enjoy with our families, friends, community and business partners. His discovery process is designed with a goals based approach to help clients stay on track to maintain a balanced approach.


BS, Economics, University of Houston
BBA, Accounting and Finance, University of Houston-Downtown

Assets Under Management:

$1 million

Fee Structure:

Tiered with no minimum

CRD Number:



Envisionvest is a Fee-Based financial advisory firm, meaning that we offer both investment advisory services for a fee and offer limited insurance products that have commissions associated them.

Investments products and services available only to residents of: TX and in other jurisdictions where exempted. 

Life and Health products and services available only to residents of: TX, AZ, FL, NM and NV

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How can I borrow money from my life insurance policy?
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Borrowing money from a life insurance is relatively simple, so long as there is cash value to meet your loan requirements. Most insurance carriers have a department that can handle that request by simply calling them. The carrier will point out the interest to be charged and the way the loan can be repaid.

Depending on the insurance carrier and the type of life insurance product, there could be potential impacts that you should be aware of when taking a loan against the cash value. Some of these details may be listed on the terms of agreement, but others may not. You may want to consider reaching out with the agent that help you to review any potential concerns. For example, the death benefit would generally be reduced by the loan amount. Another concern would be if the cash value could continue to earn interest or dividends, or purchase additional paid up insurance with a loan in place.

The process would be generally simple, due to cash value being available and the motivation by carrier to earn some interest. You as the insured are simply paying yourself back.

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