“Georgia Bruggeman, CFP founded Meridian Financial Advisors, LLC in 1990 to provide conflict free financial planning and portfolio management services to individuals, families and small businesses.”

Meridian Financial Advisors, LLC

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Georgia and Rich Bruggeman founded Meridian Financial Advisors, LLC in 1990 to provide truly fee-only advice and guidance without any conflicts of interest that accompany commission sales. Meridian Financial Advisors, LLC is a comprehensive financial planning and investment management firm. They have been providing financial planning services to individuals, families and small businesses since 1990 in a fiduciary capacity. While they advise their clients on insurance needs, taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, education funding and Long Term Care they specialize in portfolio management and securities analysis.

Georgia and her team give one on one attention to each of their clients and develop plans that consider their clients' specific time horizon, risk tolerance and stated goals. They take a comprehensive approach to their clients' finances because a decision in one area will affect the rest of the plan. As a financial planner, Georgia is often compared with the quarterback who not only is an integral part of the game but who depends on everyone else on the team working together.

In addition to holding the CFP® designation, Georgia is a registered investment advisor and earned her MBA in Finance from Babson College and has passed Levels I and II of the CFA program. Georgia is a member of the Financial Planning Association, CFA Institute and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

Georgia and Rich live in Sherborn with their 2 sons, and also spend time in Cape Cod near their alternate N. Eastham office.


MBA, Babson College
BS, Business Administration, Skidmore College

Assets Under Management:

$85 million

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An experienced fee-only CFP who is knowledgeable about minimizing taxes and the best way to take distributions and Required Minimum Distributions, Long term Care, Estate Planning, Charitable giving and a host of other financial topics that will inevitably arise during your retirement would be the best person to help you transition to retirement.

Vanguard will help you with your investments but they will not be able to help you with Long Term Care or run scenarios on retirement cashflow or assist you with your estate plan.  Vanguard is not free either. They charge 35 basis points.


You want to work with someone who will be able to help you no matter what comes up and who has your total financial picture in mind when making recommendations. Your investments are just one part of the puzzle. You also want to hire someone who is a fiduciary.  This means someone who is obligated to put your interests first and disclose all conflicts of interest.  Registered Investment advisors are fiduciaries for taxable and retirement assets.  


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