Will Thomas

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“With more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, Will Thomas seeks to motivate his clients into making informed decisions through knowledge, communication and service that exceeds their expectations.”

The Liberty Group, LLC

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Managing Principal, Sr. Financial Advisor


Will Thomas is the Principal and Sr. Financial advisor with Kapital Asset Management, dba The Liberty Group, LLC in Washington, DC.  Within the Financial Planning Industry, Will has obtained designations as a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) and CTFA (Certified Trust & Financial Advisor).  He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Fayetteville State University in Mathematics and Economics.  Prior to joining the Liberty Group, Will worked Wells Fargo Advisors (2013-2016) and Merrill Lynch (2009 – 2013).

As the Managing Partner of the DC Liberty Group Office, Will believes his firm to be “Small enough to Care, but Large enough to Inspire”. And as an advisor, Will gives great CARE to the individuality of his clients, their goals and objectives; while looking to INSPIRE our clients to live their lives by design, not by default.

Will’s experience in the Financial Markets include the banking, mortgage, insurance and capital markets.  As a Financial Advisor, Will believes that having a well-rounded, in depth knowledge of all the major line items affecting a client’s balance sheet is key to offering sound financial planning and consulting on a holistic level.  His ultimate goal for his clients to help them understand that true financial planning is an individualized, ongoing process affected by many small and large financial decisions.

Will understands The Financial Services landscape continues to evolve as new technology, new regulations and new demands from his clients force advisors to have a well-rounded skill set complete with more than an understanding of one market or one product. By embracing these changes, he continues to create awareness with his clients about the many benefits of deliberate financial planning, which studies have shown to reduce anxiety, simplify and organize objectives along with saving/making more money.


BS, Mathematics and Finance, Fayetteville State University

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When an individual is the owner of a life insurance policy, the value or death proceeds paid out of that policy become part of the individual's estate when he dies. For example, a client's net worth is $1,000,000 when you consider all of his assets. But he also has a life insurance policy of $500,000 with his sister being the beneficiary. Now when he dies, even though his sister will get the $500,000, his estate will now be worth $1,500,000. The life insurance company will undoubtedly follow the guidelines of the life insurance contract and cut a check to whomever is listed as the beneficiary when the insured individual dies. In your case, the life insurance company will not have a problem cutting you the check. But if in his divorce he was required to carry life insurance of a certain amount, she will be able to file a claim against your husband's estate in an amount equal to the life insurance death benefit. Also, if you were to deposit the life insurance proceeds into a joint account with your deceased husband, you would open up those proceeds to be part of the claim as well. To give you more straight forward answer, can the wife file a claim for the proceeds for the new insurance? Not the proceeds directly, but she can file a claim against his estate (which technically the proceeds are added to).

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