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Steven Roge

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, Steven Roge is committed to helping clients Plan, Achieve and Live® the life they want.”

R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc.

Job Title:

Director of Research and Portfolio Manager


As the Director of Research and Portfolio Manager at R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc., Steven Roge provides the investment committee with research, investment and portfolio allocation recommendations. He is the lead portfolio manager and helps to implement and refine the ResearchEdgeTM process, which drives all of the investment decisions. Steven also serves on the firm’s Research and Investment Management Committee, and is responsible for the oversight of the firms operations and management, as well as business development and client relations.

Frequently quoted in the national and local press and media, Steven’s articles and commentary have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Smart Money, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Dow Jones Newswires, Newsday, TheSteet.com, Fox Business News, U.S. News and World Report, Barron’s, Investment News, Financial Advisor Magazine, BottomLine Personal, The Wall Street Journal Transcript, CNBC’s “MSN Money,” and more. In addition, he has appeared on Fox Business Network, Fox News and CNBC as an expert stock picker.

Steven is married with two children, Benjamin and Samantha, and runs our Beverly, MA office.


MA, Business Administration, Babson College Graduate School of Business
BS, Finance and Economics, Bryant University

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