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Alexander Casas

Personal Finance, Investing, Small Business
“Alexander Casas, CEO and founder of Rock Steady Wealth, Inc, manages portfolio's for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits, minimizing fee's and increasing efficiency.”

Rock Steady Wealth, Inc.

Job Title:

Chief Investment Officer


Alexander Casas has been working in the financial field for over six years. Before starting Rock Steady Wealth, Inc. he worked for a Midlothian, Virginia area investment advisory firm where he oversaw day to day operations, met with clients to help improve their finances, and designed monitored and executed portfolios to help clients achieve their financial goals. While at this same firm, he implemented and managed a $12 million fixed income portfolio for clients by individually researching and analyzing the companies countries and municipalities, negotiating for the best possible pricing, and ensuring that each individual client reached their income needs in an extremely low interest rate environment. He also provided research analysis and trade execution for a nearly $20 million stock and ETF portfolio and a $30 million mutual fund portfolio. Each company, fund, and country was researched and analyzed meticulously and regularly to mitigate the continually shifting risks of the world.

Prior to and while working in the investment field, Alexander has worked in Information Technology for fifteen years, building and maintaining servers, workstations, LANs, WANs, and VPNs. He created infrastructures which allowed his clients to work where and how they wanted. He has reviewed and edited published technical manuals for networking, servers, and operating systems. He also continues to own and operate Casas Computer Consulting, LLC to keep him abreast of the many new and exciting technologies before they become standards.

His expertise in IT allows him to develop financial models, analyze investments, and develop trading algorithms from a perspective that differs from most professional investors. This highly specialized combination of talents helps keep him and his clients ahead of the emerging trends and risks. In his spare time he enjoys playing indoor and outdoor soccer, backcountry snowboarding, computer gaming, motorsports, and finding a new adventure through travel.

Assets Under Management:

$2 million

CRD Number:


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    College Tuition, Financial Planning
Should I keep contributing to my daughter's 529 plan, or should I leave it alone and let it grown until she is ready to go to college?
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Typically, I would recommend continuing contributions as long as it is not a hinderance to the contributors financial well being. Also, the 10 year average for increase in tuition rates is 5% annually and the average tution rates for the 2016-2017 school year are the following:

  • $33,480 at private colleges or $69,602.52 for the 2031-2032 school year
  • $9,650 for state residents at public colleges or $20,061.66 for the 2031-2032 school year
  • $24,930 for out-of-state residents attending public universities or $51,827.68 for the 2031-2032 school year

Below your will find estimated ending market value when your daughter turns 18 for 3 different scenarios

  • 5% return compounded annually on a starting value of $15,000 over 15 years with no further contributions is $31,705.56
  • 5% return compounded annually on a starting value of $15,000 over 15 years with annual contributions in the amount of $1,000 is $53,841.41
  • 5% return compounded annually on a starting value of $15,000 over 15 years with annual contributions in the amount of $5,000 is $144,471.38


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Is there a way to exercise a put option without purchasing the stock?
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How can I avoid the 10% early retirement withdrawal as a public safety employee retiring before age 50?
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What should I do with my pension from a former employer?
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