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Steven Lewis

Personal Finance, Investing, Insurance
“As heard on the radio as a regular guest at Truthnetwork.com, Steven Lewis specializes in investment management and takes a fiduciary position to all of his work with clients.”

L & A Capital Advisors, LLC

Job Title:

Owner and RIA


Steven Lewis is the Owner and RIA at L & A Capital Advisors, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina. Steven and his team at L&A Capital Advisors, LLC, employ very simple and easy to understand investment strategies such as Dollar Cost Averaging, Value Vesting and Growth Vesting to assist individuals who are seeking balance and common sense to their investment goals. They utilize consultants from across the country who assist them in providing data and updates involving the many mutual funds and exchange traded fund families. They believe in an investment strategy that sometimes is "contrarian" to normal investment approaches. 

Steven and his team are here to help their clients navigate the frequent financial changes in the industry in order to protect and grow their financial legacy. Once a client is under their care, they have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the clients best interest. Legally and ethically, Steven and his team are bound to this type of service. So, instead of being burdened and/or confused by all the changing options the financial market has to offer, Steven brings his clients security and peace in knowing that their assets are being handled by individuals that make it their business to keep up with the fluctuations and opportunities the market has to offer.


MSFS, Investment and Financial Planning, Institute of Business and Finance

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Investment Advisory Services offered through Brookstone Capital Management, LLC (BCM) a Registered Investment Advisor. L&A Capital Advisors, LLC and BCM are independent of each other.

All comments contained therein are for the sole purpose of educating the reader and are not intended to be for providing advice [investment,legal, tax or otherwise]. Please consult with a licensed professional with respects to your needs and desires.

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October 2017

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    Investing, Annuities
When is a Tax Deferred Variable Annuity a good strategy?

Run from the Advisor and never look back :).  

Without knowing your income needs down the road it is quite difficult to proceed too far, but if your income goals is too early to determine then seeking an advisor who supports an active-tactical sector driven portfolio utilizing both stop orders and limit orders (to reduce both market risk exposure and incoming speculative risk) would be the plan.  WHEN and IF that 'retirement' time comes closer, THEN an annuity (along with other income options) can be discussed.  But run away from a VA.  EXTREMELY high fees which range from 1.25-3.85% with ZERO guarantees on the working capital in most cases.

It does sound like you may be working with a broker or registered representative.  In that case, they are not going to be portfolio managers and will rely on the typical 'buy and hold' which is extremely ineffective.   

December 2017
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What allocation strategy do you recommend for those approaching retirement?
December 2017
    ETFs, IRAs
Can I buy ETFs for my Roth IRA?
November 2017
    Asset Allocation
How should I rebalance my asset allocation?
November 2017