Robert Klosterman

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“With over 30 years of experience, Robert Klosterman's mission is to serve his clients through the combined expertise of his advisory team by using his experience to really impact the lives of the people who place their trust in him.”

White Oaks Investment Management, Inc

Job Title:

CEO & Chief Investment Officer


Robert Klosterman, CFP® is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of White Oaks Investment Management, Inc. and its predecessor R.J. Klosterman & Co, Inc. Bob has been a Certified Financial Planner licensee since 1989. He has a clear vision for the future having worked in financial planning and investment management since 1975, and feels a strong need to provide people with expert investment management services. As a Certified Financial Planner and certificate holder for Family Wealth Advising, Bob’s expertise and guidance have helped to fuel the steady growth of the firm.

Bob’s leadership within the firm’s Advisory Committee regularly encourages fresh thinking and new approaches that provide clients with innovative wealth management solutions in the areas of economic and investment market analysis, stock option strategies and wealth transfer techniques.

Bob has been listed as one of the Top 250 Financial Advisors in the United States by Worth Magazine. He has also been recognized as one of the top 150 Financial Advisors by Mutual Fund Magazine, Medical Economics and Bloomberg’s Wealth Manager Magazine. Bob’s published quotes appear frequently in dozens of local and national publications, including USA Today, the New York Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, CFP Today, Barron’s and Fortune.

Bob and his wife have lived in the Twin Cities since 1971 and have three children. Bob’s hobbies include reading, walking, bicycling and sailing.

Assets Under Management:

$400 million

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