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“With over three decades of experience in the financial industry, Dan Danford is fully committed to his clients' investment success, rather than earning sales commissions or lavish prizes. He started as a bank trust officer in 1983.”

Family Investment Center

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Dan Danford is a gifted communicator. He has written hundreds of articles and several books. He has taught classes for high school, college, and community groups. He speaks often and served as commentator for a local ABC affiliate television station.

Dan founded Family Investment Center in 1998. In total, he’s been a successful senior officer in five different banking or investment firms since 1984. He earned a Master’s degree in Personal Finance from Kansas State University and an MBA from Northwest Missouri State University. Today, Family Investment Center manages well over $100 million for clients in a dozen states.

Dan is quoted extensively about investing. He’s written for or been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Kiplinger’s, U.S. News & World Report and dozens of other newspapers, magazines, and media outlets.

Dan has served in numerous leadership positions for civic and professional boards including the Missouri Western State University Board of Governors and as treasurer of the St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce. He was Chairman of the Friends of the Free Clinic, a support group for the Social Welfare Board in St. Joseph.

Dan has been president of the Missouri Western State University Alumni Association and was honored in 2003 with the Missouri Western State College Distinguished Alumni Service Award.


MS, Personal Finance, KSU
BS, Marketing, MWSU

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$165 million

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