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“Perfect 5-star rating by private clients, no investment commissions or minimum, published by NASDAQ, Investopedia, and Business Insider, featured financial advisor by Visa, Inc., and historically better investment returns than the average private client.”

Credo Wealth Management

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Independent Personal Wealth Manager


Hello, and thank you for stopping by! I am a husband, father, Marine, independent personal wealth manager, business manager, and sports fan.

It is a great honor to enjoy the following highlights:

·         Perfect 5-star rating by private clients

·         No commissions or minimum investment

·         Published by NASDAQ, Investopedia, and Business Insider

·         Featured financial advisor by Visa, Inc.

·         Historically better investment returns*

*based on data from ARC Private Client Indices (PCI)

Credo means “I believe”. We believe in supporting your heritage by empowering your legacy. We are your personal advocate with fee-only management and advice, Proverbs-based principles, proven strategies, leading technology, human expertise, and historically better performance than the average investor. Credo Wealth Management was born from a passion to help people manage their finances and enjoy a fulfilling life while creating a legacy.

​Daniel Schutte founded our firm upon earning his Series 7, Series 66, and Health & Life licenses. After training to be a financial advisor with a large company, he chose to become an independent Registered Investment Advisor in order to serve clients without pressure from commissions, quotas, or restricted investment and insurance options. ​While Dan has been conducting market research and studying wealth management for over 15 years, he now enjoys providing this service to our valued clients with both competence and care.

​Dan is currently managing budgets up to $10 million for Visa, Inc. and previously served as a Marine Corps Intelligence & Operations Officer where he managed over $50 million in assets with the First Marine Headquarters Group. ​As a resident of Denver, Colorado, Dan is married to his wife, Sarah, and enjoys spending time making memories as a family.

Start investing in your legacy today at: CredoWealthManagement.com


Master of Business Administration (MBA), American Military University

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