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Paul Brown

Investing, Small Business, Lifestage Based Planning
“With more than 20 years experience, Paul Brown is uniquely positioned to help business and practice owners, career professionals and self-employed individuals successfully navigate the complexities of their total wealth picture.”

Clearstone Wealth Management LLC/IPI Wealth Management Inc.

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For more than twenty years, Paul Brown has worked closely with business owners, partners, professionals and family leaders to design and implement effective strategies for their company’s growth, renewal, turnaround and succession. After working as a consultant for Moss Adams, one of the nation’s largest accounting and consulting firms, he became convinced that standardized approaches and cookie-cutter solutions seldom produce lasting, meaningful results. He took a different approach; one that focused on meeting the unique needs, challenges and expectations owners face throughout the life-cycle of their business or professional practice.

Paul has been a hands-on advisor and "interim executive" in the financial industry and has worked with firms and privately owned businesses throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and in Eastern Europe.

He started Clearstone Wealth Management, a fee-only investment advisory firm, to help business owners, family enterprises and career professionals prepare for when they face the unique challenges that come when their business, investments and other sources of income and wealth converge to support their long-term and legacy goals.

In addition to having a graduate degree from Bellevue University, Paul is a proud member of the University of Iowa Alumni Association (Go HAWKS!) and a life-long fan of the Chicago CUBS. Yes, he had tears in his eyes when the CUBS won the 2016 World Series.

In his spare time, Paul plays golf, skis and enjoys his family. In warm weather, he can be found riding his motorcycle through one of the area's beautiful mountain ranges.


MA, Leadership, University of Iowa and Bellevue University

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$900 million

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Investment advice offered through IPI Wealth Management, Inc., 226 W. Eldorado St. Decatur, IL 65222. PHONE: 217-425-6340. Clearstone Wealth Management LLC is not affiliated with Investment Planners, Inc. or IPI Wealth Management, Inc.

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First, pay off the high balance credit card. You'll sleep better. 

Second, pay off the smaller of the two personal loans. Now you'll sleep so well that you'll have a hard time getting up in the morning. 

Third, take the combined amounts of what you were paying on these two paid off loans and put 50% in savings (for emergencies) and the other 50% will be added to your payment on the $4300 credit card balance because even though you are not paying interest now, you will be if you don't get this paid off! 

Fourth, take the combined amounts (including for your newly paid off "non-interest" credit card) and put 50% in savings and the remainder to your outstanding personal loan. 

Or instead, do what one of the other advisors recommend. Because no matter which direction you choose to go, the most important step is to create and follow a plan with both determination and discipline. 

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