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Michael Turner

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Michael Turner is committed to helping clients address their most pressing financial questions.”

Charlotte Wealth Group

Job Title:

Wealth Strategist


Michael has over 30 years of experience, consisting of: Over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in start-up, acquisition and development of small businesses.  More than a decade of corporate management experience in Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 organizations, in operations and finance.

His MBA was earned at night school, providing the opportunity to place the theoretical into practice immediately.  The MBA was awarded from UT San Antonio, which is the first MBA program to be certified in its first year of eligibility.  He has testified in Federal court as an expert witness in a fraud trial in Dallas, TX.  He has been quoted in Idiot's Guide to Social Security, written up in the Wall Street Journal - November 28, 2014 - Using Insurance to Reduce a Couple's Taxes.

Michael has served on his HOA Board of Directors, has been Cub Scout and Boy Scout den leader and administration volunteer, and performs photography projects at his church.


MBA, University of Texas - San Antonio
BA, Geography, University of Delaware

Assets Under Management:

$10 million

Fee Structure:

fee based

CRD Number:


Insurance License:


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    Financial Planning, Retirement, Retirement Savings, Investing, IRAs, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance
How should my wife and I begin saving for retirement at 51 years old?
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With limited information, it's difficult to provide a solid commentary. 

There are a number of things you should do, sooner rather than later.  First, look at your current spending, break it down into parts: essential (mortgage, food utilities), lifestyle (dentertainment, vacations, hobbies, dining out) and dreams/legacy (world travel, charity, etc).  Take the essential and lifestyle total, expect that you will need about 80% of that amount in retirement.  That provides a starting point on the retirement income you will need.  

Get your financial records in order so that all debt (mortgages, loans and credit card) information is easily accessed.

Do NOT get rid of the life insurance policies unless you are provided an overwhelming reason to do so.  Moving the $60K to a ROTH is NOT such a reason.  You can take funds (via a loan) out of your life policy, just like you can out of a ROTH.  Here's the benefit: a life policy is not subject to market drops and the loan received from a life policy does not impact your social security taxation!  Depending on how the policies are structured, you could at some point cease paying the premiums and have the policy remain in force.

Loaded with your spending data, debt and life insurance - seek out a retiement advisor to create a game plan for your wife and you.  

My recommendation is to see someone who both manages assets and has their insurance license.  There is too little information on your insurance policies to determine if they should be surrendered (my gut tells me not a good move).


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