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Roger A Silvera

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Roger A Silvera helps entrepreneurs, corporations, and small business owners find money they are losing unknowingly and unnecessarily, thereby helping them to increase their personal and business bottom line.”


Job Title:

Registered Representative and Financial Professional


Roger A Silvera is a Registered Representative and Financial Professional with WealthWave/Transamerica Financial Advisors Inc..

Roger provides a fully comprehensive and fun experience in understanding his clients' entire financial life with the end of result of helping them to become more empowered in making sound money decisions. He is dedicated to giving clients a robust opportunity to create a full time career or a part time/parallel career to enhance their lifestyle and also the lifestyle of others through providing a sound financial education for families and business owners.

Roger is the author of best-selling: Cash Slow 2 Cash Flow : Demystifying The World of Personal Finance. He was included in the Forbes Magazine Top 500 Associates for the World Financial Group Momentum Campaign (2016) for helping the most families in Q3 for 2016. Additionally he was named in the Top 10 in Personal Production and Agency Production for 2016 for his firm Wealthwave.

Roger helps clients gain a sense of clarity with their personal financial decisions, thereby helping them to maximize their potential. He shares with them how to avoid unnecessary wealth transfers and how to avoid losses vs just picking the winners. He also helps them increase their income and give them a stronger sense of purpose by giving clients the opportunity to work with him in business as a valued associate of his firm and helping families and businesses to maximize their.


BA, Business Administration, Coe College

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    Financial Planning, Retirement, Retirement Savings, Investing, IRAs, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance
How should my wife and I begin saving for retirement at 51 years old?
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Hi, thank you for your question. Just on the surface, those policies can be extremely valuable. I would do a complete review of your policies first so that options can be discussed with you. Those policies can be a part of your long term outlook for retirement. 

In regards to how to save - here are the key questions you are going to have to address to ensure you have the desired retirement outlook you are looking for long term:

1. What rate of return do I need on my savings and investments in order to retire at my current standard of living and have my money last to live expectancy?

2. How much do I need to put away on a monthly or annual basis in order to retire at my current standard of living and have my money last to live expectancy?

3. If I didn't change anything I am doing now, how long would I have to work and have my money last to live expectancy?

4. If I didn't change anything I am doing now, what would be my potential lifestyle reduction at retirement in order for my money to last til life expectancy?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, reach out to me and I would be honored to share how these questions affect your overall retirement picture.


Best wishes! - Roger

June 2018
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Should I use my extra money each month to invest or pay towards the balance of my mortgage?
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June 2018
    Annuities, Stocks
I am the beneficiary of some non-qualified, variable, deferred annuities; is there a way to put a "floor under the market" to protect against a downturn in the stock market?
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March 2018
    Mutual Funds
Can I use my mutual funds as a savings account?
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October 2017
    Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
How should I invest a large sum of my savings towards my kid's future expenses?
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June 2017