Lynn B Thurgood

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“With over three decades of experience in the financial industry, Lynn "B" Thurgood is committed to creating comprehensive retirement plans that minimize risk and protect assets to keep money "in the family".”

Oxford Wealth Advisors, LLC

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President / Retirement Lifestyle Specialist


Lynn Thurgood’s accomplishments are impressive, but more importantly, his success is the direct result of hard work, persistence, and having a vision. In 1987, after witnessing his own family struggle financially Lynn made a commitment to himself to gain financial independence.  As a result, he started his own business from the ground up to serve and protect retirees and pre-retirees from retirement issues such as how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, how to avoid probate, how to stretch assets to last an entire lifetime and how to avoid Medicaid spend-down when nursing home confinement became necessary.

Today, Oxford Wealth Advisors, LLC. continues to help hundreds of clients, throughout New Mexico and the Southwest, avoid these prevalent retirement pitfalls by building PATHways that brighten futures.

Lynn believes in community involvement.  He is a member of the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce where he has served as Vice President, Board Member and Ambassador.  Lynn also served as commissioner with the City of Rio Rancho Planning and Zoning Department for about 5 years. In addition, Lynn has coached Boys and Girls Club Basketball, Little League Baseball, and supports the Boy Scouts of America program locally, having earned the Eagle Scout Rank as a young man. Lynn also participates, and actively serves in church activities.

Lynn married his wife Donna in 1980, and they have lived in Rio Rancho since 1985.  They have 2 sons and 1 daughter and 7 grandchildren. Family and Faith are the foundations of his life. Because of his passion, integrity, and commitment, Lynn is in high demand as a Financial Advisor.  He and his staff are committed to client satisfaction.

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