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Breanna Reish

Personal Finance, Retirement, Lifestage Based Planning
“Breanna Reish, CFP® and Founder of Wealth of Confidence, believes in creating a comforting environment and transforming the financial planning experience for women.”

Wealth of Confidence, LLC

Job Title:

Owner, Financial Planner


Breanna Reish, CFP® graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in Financial Planning from California State University, San Bernardino. While in school Breanna interned with a local independent planning firm in order to gain experience working with local families. After her internship, Breanna went on to work with a planning and tax preparation firm. There she gained a lot of tax knowledge that has, in turn, helped her clients with tax planning. Breanna sat for and passed the CFP® exam in 2015. She decided to gain more experience working locally where she could focus solely on perfecting her planning experience for clients. In 2017 Breanna decided it was time to pursue her dream of creating a comforting experience for women and planning for those that really want a great comprehensive experience.

Breanna was born and raised in sunny southern California. She is married to Zac, a landscape contractor, and has two crazy kids named Journey and Dayton. When Breanna is not working with clients she is driving her children to tennis, swim lessons, leading her daughter’s girl scout troop, or helping with her husband’s off-road races. As a family they love to camp, take weekend trips to Mexico and consume as many street tacos as humanly possible.

Breanna believes in and tries to help others live the best life possible. This means finding balance, letting go of what can not be changed, believing in oneself, having a positive attitude and spending time with and on the things that truly matter.


BS, Business Administration, Financial Planning Concentratio, California State University San Bernardino

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Wealth of Confidence, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of California

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    Banking, Career / Compensation, Debt, Financial Planning, Retirement
How can I reduce the amount of my taxable income?
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I know you came here with tax reduction as your first question. My question is what kind of repayment plan are you using for your student loans? Does Public Service Loan Forgiveness play into your financial strategy at this time?

I really don’t love giving tax advice online without seeing the entire picture. I personally look at all benefits employees are taking or not taking, along with taxes, and other goals.

Do you have plans to buy or rent, etc?

When student loans are part of the equation I highly recommend speaking to a professional that does this day in and day out. Seek out a fee-only planner for this case. I’m part of a network called XY Planning and this is the type of case that we work with on a regular basis. Some of us have starter plans to help you get your foot in the door without minimum investment requirements that other firms might charge. 

I know this comes off as a biased answer but it I highly recommend it. The money paid now can save you a lot in the long run. 

May 2018
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Should I purchase term life insurance or whole life Insurance?
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June 2018
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How can I reduce the tax consequences of selling old company stock?
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September 2018
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When is the most tax-efficient time to take my first RMD?
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September 2018
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If get a loan from my 401(k), do I have to include it on my tax return when filing my taxes?
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October 2018