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Jared Paul

Personal Finance, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“Jared Paul is the Managing Director and Founder of Capable Wealth, a fee-only financial planning firm focused on helping young doctors and dentists in the early stages of their careers.”

Capable Wealth

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Managing Director & Financial Planner


Jared Paul is a mission to help people live better lives.

Jared wants to serve individuals of his generation so they can start making smart decisions that will help change their lives, not just for some far-off goal like retirement, but for today, now!

Jared is the founder of Capable Wealth, a holistic financial planning firm that specializes in fee-only, comprehensive financial planning for young doctors and dentists in the early stages of their careers.

Jared helps successful individuals bridge the gap between their current life and their dream life by creating a plan to implement smart money habits. He and his team are here to walk with clients on their journey as they grow their wealth, and discover what they are truly capable of.

Jared is highly trained in the areas of financial planning and investment management having earned the Certified Financial Planner ™ designation (CFP) as well as the Certified Investment Management Analyst designation (CIMA). He has worked in finance for almost a decade at some of the top firms in the industry in multiple capacities, helping to provide him valuable insight.

Jared strongly believes in the positive force that is created from helping others, especially those who are less fortunate. For that reason, he is a member of the FPA (Financial Planning Association) Pro-Bono Committee and work with groups such as Habitat For Humanity, and a number of other organizations committed to providing financial literacy to people in need.

Jared is also co-founded and runs a charity golf tournament to help raise awareness and support research in the fight against Cancer and Muscular Dystrophy. This is near and dear to his heart after losing his mother to breast cancer in 2013.

When he's not helping clients live better lives you’ll find him playing sports (former college runner), learning new languages, camping/backpacking with friends, and he's recently taken up improv. Jared's family and close friends are very important to him, so he spend a lot of time driving around the Northeast to visit them all.


BS, Management/Marketing, Northeastern University

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