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Steve Economopoulos

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Steve Economopoulos serves as Managing Principal of Econ Wealth Management. He is also the Chief Investment Strategist, head of the Asset Management team and lead manager for Tactical Portfolio Strategies.”

Econ Wealth Management

Job Title:

Chief Investment Strategist, Managing Partner


As the Chief Investment Strategist, Steve uses his years of experience as a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and over 20 years in the financial industry to lead the firm’s research using a top-down/ bottom-up approach to determine the Macro, Asset, and Portfolio Strategy (M.A.P.S) for the asset management team. This approach is instrumental in helping the Wealth Planning team manage financial plans through active portfolio management.

As the lead manager for Tactical Portfolio Strategies, he uses technical analysis to analyze current holdings and find opportunities in equities to use in the firm’s tactical programs.  This analysis also directs the tactical overlay holdings inside the Strategic and Pilot Portfolio Series programs. He focuses efforts on determining stocks with an appropriate risk to reward ratio that qualify as swing or position trades for the various portfolios. He provides chart analysis and technical studies in support of all purchase and sell decisions.

As head of the Asset Management team, Steve is an integral part of the firm’s asset management communication to clients and the firm’s Wealth Planning team. He also oversees all the firm’s programs.  As Managing Principal, he oversees all the firm’s departments and operations.


Math, Economics, Computer Science, Shippensburg University

Assets Under Management:

$139 million

CRD Number:


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First, you are on the right track to be concerned in this current market environment.  You may hear many calling this a 'buying opportunity' for the long term but the more important question is how does it impact you and your situation?  If you are losing sleep and turning on the news to see what is going on regularly, then you are right in considering cash as an option.  However, the downside would be that your cash holding won't provide you the opportunity to earn a return to provide for the income need you described.  All normal suggestions apply here: Diversy, have a cash runway to last 12+ months, hold some equity.  You will hear that often enough.  The one different thought is to segment out your entire amount into different categories that will allow you to relieve your worry and stress.  How much available money should you have to help you sleep at night?  How long with that last for you?  What amount can you expose to the risk of a volatile market and not think about it so you can attempt to earn at least the income amount you need?  My belief is you can use cash as a tool over the next 12 months - especially over the summer to come.  An article I produced about this topic on investopedia may help understand what could be best in your scenario.  ("Holding Cash Instead of Chasing Investment Returns" - https://www.investopedia.com/advisor-network/articles/avoid-hazards-chasing-returns-holding-cash/).  Stay diligent!  

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