Nathan Edwards

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“Nathan Edwards is a financial planner and investment manager with IMG Wealth Management in Jacksonville, FL, serving high net-worth and institutional clients.”

IMG Wealth Management

Job Title:

Financial Planner, Analyst


Nathan Edwards is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and CFA charterholder. He is committed to the idea that establishing clearly defined financial objectives is the keystone of the financial planning process. With these objectives as the foundation for a viable financial plan, Nathan believes that it is possible to elevate one's peace of mind and financial well-being both now and into the future.

IMG Wealth Management was created by professionals from Investment Management Group in 2017 to meet the specific needs of high net-worth individuals and institutions. Nathan and IMG Wealth Management's team of financial planners, investment managers, and support staff have developed a business model tailored to the unique requirements of their core clientele.

Assets Under Management:

$30 million

Fee Structure:


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September 2017
    Investing, Financial Planning

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    Social Security, 401(k), IRAs
Can I still contribute to my 401(k) while drawing from my IRA?
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If you own 5% or more of the company that is sponsoring the 401k plan, the answer is no. In this case, not only can you no longer make contributions to the plan if you will be over age 70 ½ by the end of the tax year, but you will also be required to begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your 401k by April 1st of the year following the year in which you achieve age 70 ½.

If you are a less than 5% owner of the company sponsoring the plan, and you still work for the company, you can continue to make a contribution up to the lesser of 100% of your annual compensation from the employer sponsoring the plan or the annual elective deferral contribution limit plus the over age 50 catch-up contribution limit. In this case, you will not need to begin taking RMDs from your 401k until April 1st of the year following your departure from the company sponsoring the plan, even if you are over age 70 ½.

Thankfully, neither the requirement to begin IRA RMDs, nor your receipt of Social Security retirement benefits affect your ability to contribute to your 401k, in and of themselves.

October 2017
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October 2017
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How does a beginner investor seek and evaluate markets and companies worth investing in?
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If my understanding of expense ratios is correct, then why do so many people invest with Vanguard?
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September 2017
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What is the difference between investing and speculating?
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August 2017