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Curtis Purington

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“Curtis Purington is a fee-only fiduciary financial adviser. ”

Safe Harbor Wealth

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Safe Harbor Wealth is a fee-only fiduciary financial adviser. ​

We serve investors who seek ​long term growth of capital.

We focus on well-performing investments. 

We monitor our clients' investments daily. 

​We avoid funds and other packaged products so we can know where our clients' money is invested.

​We are not part of any bank, brokerage or insurance company and have no influence from commissions, bonuses, contests or sales quotas. 

​We are fee-only and act under thestrict ​fiduciary standard of care.

​Our only incentive is to create value for our investors.

$100,000 minimum.

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    Investing, ETFs, Stocks
Is it better to invest in stocks individually or in an ETF which covers all the stocks in which I want to invest?
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Packaged investment products (mutual funds, etfs, index funds, annuities, robo-advisors, etc.) can be like processed foods:  they may contain things that are not good for you.

They can be laden with excessive fees, expenses and poorly performing investments.

Insist that your adviser explain what fees and expenses you are paying and what value you are receiving for them. 
Have them disclose every investment they have your money in, including through all packaged investment products.

Make them explain why their investment decision was in your best interest.

Know where your money is, why it is there, and why it is best for you.

Safe Harbor Wealth

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