Fred Leamnson

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“Fred Leamnson, Founder and President of Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC, is a veteran advisor who helps those preparing for or in their retirement plan for and live the kind of lifestyle they desire without fear of running out of money.”

Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC

Job Title:

Founder & President


Founding Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC in 2011 represented the realization of an increasingly compelling vision Fred Leamnson formed while serving in the retail brokerage industry for more than 20 years. He has seen much during those years and determined there was much room for improvement. His vision drove him to implement what he knew to be true: that there was a better way to help investors think about and make smart, confident decisions about their money. To elaborate, he learned many valuable lessons during his time in the brokerage industry.

Fred's desire to move away from these types of industry conflicts was why he intentionally founded Leamnson Capital according to a different, better, way of championing his clients’ highest financial interests. By operating as a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm, his sole sources of compensation and business are the fees his clients pay him in exchange for the best interest advice he provides. This enables and requires him to serve in a fiduciary relationship with his clients, so he can best focus on always doing what’s right for them.

Fred lives in Reston, VA with Cathy, his wife of 32 years and their two Akita's, Titus and Kaylee. On weekends, they enjoy spending time with their pups, taking them for walks on the Reston trails. They both enjoy bicycling, yoga, and regular workouts at the gym. They also enjoy visiting the many beautiful Virginia wineries — doing their small part to support the growing Virginia wine industry.

Assets Under Management:

$17 million

Fee Structure:


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Why am I being taxed so much after withdrawing my 401(k) and taking out a loan?
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I'm sorry about the job loss and the difficulty of your situation.

If you withdrew your 401(k) money when you left your job, you would owe tax and a 10% penalty since you are under age 59 1/2. The IRS requires plan administrators to withhold 20% of any distributions from 401 (k) plans. It seems that is what happened here.

As to the loan, if you withdrew the 401 (k) funds, there would be no money left from which to borrow. If you had a loan before taking out your money, that would have been a taxable event as well. I'm guessing that's the situation. If not, please clarify so we can better answer.

In general, keep in mind that any money not rolled over to another company plan or IRA will get taxed. If you are under age 59 1/2, you will pay an additional 10% penalty. As previously mentioned, the IRS requires plan administrators to withhold 20% of funds sent directly to employees for taxes. 

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