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Fred Leamnson

Retirement, Investing, Lifestage Based Planning
“Fred Leamnson, Founder and President of Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC, is a veteran advisor who helps those preparing for or in their retirement plan for and live the kind of lifestyle they desire without fear of running out of money.”

Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC

Job Title:

Founder and President


I am the founder and president of Leamnson Capital, a fee-only, a Registered Investment Advisor firm in Reston, VA. I work with people serious about preparing for and getting through retirement. Typically, they are in their fifties or already retired. I have over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.

I live in Reston, VA with Cathy, my wife of 34 years and our two Akita's, Titus and Kaylee. On weekends, we enjoy spending time with their pups, taking them for walks on the Reston trails. We both enjoy bicycling, yoga, and regular workouts at the gym. We spend time visiting the many beautiful Virginia wineries — doing our small part to support the growing Virginia wine industry.


Assets Under Management:

$18 million

Fee Structure:


CRD Number:


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To pay my inheritance tax, should I use money from the sale of my house or withdraw from my investment account?
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I'm very sorry for your loss. It's never easy making these kinds of decisions while grieving.

Here's what I can offer based on what you've said.

If the house was in your fiance's name and you're not planning on living in it, selling it is a good option. Depending on the real estate market, selling the house could take some time. If you need the cash to pay the taxes sooner than the house sells, the investment account gets the money to you quickly. If you additional cash after paying the taxes, you can always put that back into the investment account. 

If you're living in the house and want to keep it, then selling some of the investments would make sense. Gains from assets held over one year get taxed at favorable capital gains tax (either 15% or 20%). Depending on your income, that may be the lower rate. It appears that both the house and investment account would qualify for capital gains tax rates. 

So, either option is fine. 

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What are the tax implications of a life insurance policy loan that is still outstanding when the insured passes away?
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Why is paying additional money towards high-rate debt recommended before saving extra for retirement for young people?
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What are the benefits of waiting until full retirement age if I can comfortably live off of Social Security benefits now?
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What should I do with a four million dollar inheritance?
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