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“With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, Danielle Seurkamp is an award-winning financial planner at The Asset Advisory Group in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

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Growing up, money was very mysterious to Danielle Seurkamp. The people around her had very different relationships with it. On one hand, she saw a person who seemed to ignore it completely. It came and went, sometimes there was enough and sometimes there wasn’t. On the other hand, she saw someone who put tremendous value on it and prioritized it more than most anything else in life. Of course, she didn’t spend much time thinking about that as a child, but as she got older and started thinking about her own relationship with money she realized that these examples had made an impact. They helped her develop a sense of responsibility and to greatly value the peace of mind achieved by an awareness of her financial situation. They also taught her to hold on to the important things in life and to never define her means as anything more than a means to an end. Saving lots of money isn’t the goal; it’s the thing we do to achieve our goals.

Wanting to share the peace of mind that Danielle found by understanding her financial life, she pursued a career in financial planning. It allows her the opportunity to take care of people by eliminating just a little bit of life’s uncertainty. She enjoys helping people address the decisions everyone faces about how to best use assets and opportunities. Of course doing that involves spending a lot of time thinking about finances, but to be truly successful she has to spend just as much time thinking about the people themselves and how she can turn their resources into realized visions.

Danielle is grateful that her background taught her how much finances can impact day-to-day lives. That knowledge is what inspires her to help people enjoy today and be prepared for tomorrow.


Xavier University
MS, FInancial Planning, College for Financial Planner

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    Social Security
If my spouse's social security benefits are much less than mine, when I start benefits, is he entitled to an increase?
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For single individuals, Social Security is simpler. Benefits are based on their own earnings history and their monthly Social Security payments are calculated using their highest 35 years of earnings.

For married individuals, monthly Social Security benefits might be based on their own earnings history or it could be based on the earnings history of their spouse. Individuals can only take benefits on their spouse's record once the spouse has filed for his or her own benefits.  

Up until now, you hadn't filed for benefits, so your husband's only option was to collect monthly benefits based on his own earnings record.  Once you file, he will qualify for the spousal benefit which is equal to 50% of your benefit at your full retirement age.  If 50% of your benefit is higher than 100% of his own benefit, he is allowed to switch to the higher payment amount.  

There are numerous factors that can impact the amount of a person's spousal benefit.  If a person files for spousal benefits before his or her own full retirement age, they will not receive 50% of their spouse's payment.  They will receive a reduced amount.  At 62, the spousal benefit is reduced to 32.5%.  

If your husband receives a government pension, that would also reduce the amount of spousal benefits for which he would qualify.  


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