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Mark Painter

Retirement, Investing, Small Business
“Mark Painter, CFA, founder and President of EverGuide Financial Group, focuses his time on helping clients save and grow their money by reducing taxes and building portfolios that reach individual client objectives.”

EverGuide Financial Group, LLC

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Mark R. Painter, CFA is the Founder and President of EverGuide Financial group. He has been an investment manager for over 12 years at both the institutional and retail level having managed public mutual funds and individual client accounts. Additionally he has written for Seeking Alpha and been a speaker on various panels and industry conferences. Mark and his team's mission at EverGuide Financial Group is to help their clients navigate their financial course through cost effective wealth management and Everlasting education.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business, Mark went on to attain his CFA charter in 2009. Mark worked for Stanley Laman Group, Ltd from 2004 2016.

At Stanley Laman Group, Mark quickly went from analyst to portfolio manager in 2005 and helped create their portfolio management business.  Not only was Mark responsible for portfolio management but also had large responsibilities in working with clients to understand their needs and financial goals. In 2014 Mark became the lead portfolio manager of a publicly listed mutual fund (American Real Estate Income Fund).


BS, Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University

Assets Under Management:

$30 million

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October 2018
    Taxes, Investing

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    Investing, Bonds / Fixed Income, IRAs, Taxes
If my traditional IRA is fully invested in a tax free bond fund, and I am receiving a distribution of the monthly dividends, do these distributions count toward the required minimum distribution, and do I have to pay taxes on them?
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Any distributions from an IRA count towards your RMD and are also taxed at your income rate regardless of how the interest or dividends are earned.  

Tax free bonds usually carry lower interest rates than taxable bonds because of the tax free feature.  Given that income inside of an IRA is not taxed it does not make sense to hold tax free bonds in this account. 

Since you are concerned with meeting an RMD I am going to assume that you have additional assets outside of your IRA and this would be a better place for a tax free bond fund.  By putting your more taxable investments inside the IRA and keeping more tax efficient investments in a taxable account you can maintain the same allocation while having a more efficient tax treatment.  

April 2018
    Asset Allocation, Bonds / Fixed Income, Stocks, Starting Out
Is it too early to start a portfolio for my one-year-old child, and would it be better to start off with a stock or a bond?
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June 2018
    Debt, Real Estate
How do I make the most of the profit from my house sale?
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August 2018
    Personal Finance, Retirement, Retirement Savings, 401(k), Real Estate
As an independent contractor who makes about $145,000 per year, what are my best options to save for retirement?
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September 2018
    Investing, Starting Out
Could I sell and keep the $10 profit on options that I bought, or should I wait closer to the expiration date?
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September 2018