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“Chip is President and Shareholder at The Asset Advisory Group, a fee-only registered investment advisor helping individuals and families of all ages make smarter decisions with their money since 1988.”

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Chip Workman grew up in a household with the mantra “anything worth having is worth taking care of.” His parents taught him the importance of doing for others, a good education, and the value of a buck. Water was what you ordered at restaurants, the landscaper was looking at you in the mirror and the best way to get that toy or pack of baseball cards was to save, save, save.

Given his frugal upbringing, Chip was often someone that friends trusted for advice that revolved around money. It seemed a very natural transition to make this his career.

After graduation, Chip found the options available to follow this path disheartening. Opportunities that promised to help clients achieve their goals were, at best, thinly veiled schemes that put the company first and giving sound advice second. At worst, it was much more underhanded. He never understood why it had to be the company or the client. Why couldn’t it be both?

Instead, Chip joined the world of private banking, developing many close relationships with individuals and families. He enjoyed a successful career, but was still restricted to the bank’s products and services. He happened upon an opportunity to help some financial advising firms with their banking needs. They were fiduciary advisors, charged with putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own. A light bulb immediately flickered and he saw an alternative to the traditional investment model, a way to be the trusted counselor he always wanted to be.

After a thorough search, Chip was fortunate to find Jeannette and the rest of the team at TAAG. He is proud to be able to truly partner with his clients and offer conflict-free, holistic advice about the financial issues that impact their goals.


MBA, Finance & International Business, Xavier University
BA, Miami University

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$275 million

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Information provided by Chip on Advisor Insights should not be construed as financial or investment advice.  Consult with a financial planner before taking action.  All thoughts and opinions are his and not necessarily those of The Asset Advisory Group, Inc.

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