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“As the Managing Director of MVM Advisors LLC, Joseph Motley works with his clients towards the financial future they desire with the right strategies in place to get them there.”

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Before starting MVM, Joe helped build Microdyne Systems Inc., a cutting edge engineering and system integration firm.  Microdyne designed and built custom automation for manufacturing, using high speed assembly systems, robotics and machine vision.  Starting as Microdyne’s only salesperson, Joe was CEO for six years prior to selling the company and returning to New Jersey to be closer to his family.

Prior to Microdyne, Joe was working his way through school at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  He started on “Wall Street” in 2002. His goal was to help individuals and business owners overcome the black hole, that is investing and retirement planning.  Joe learned firsthand, while building Microdyne, how difficult and important it is for both business owners and employees to navigate the world of investing.

Joe worked his way up to Senior Vice President of Investments and lead the retirement services group for a typical Wall Street firm.  Joe’s approach of always putting the clients’ interests first meant using the best available products for the clients not the most profitable for the broker or the firm.

Wall Street does not like this approach and after years of fighting for the clients, Joe had finally had enough.  Joe realized that Wall Street was never going to change so he started MVM Advisors LLC.


BA, Communication, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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When should I retire?
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So, it looks like you have done a good job saving thus far, but there are still to many unanswered questions as many have hit on cash burn in retirement is key but what will have a bigger drag on your retirement will be healthcare, what types of insurance do you have. 

It is estimated that an average, healthy 65-year-old couple will need $245,000 to pay for medical expenses for the remainder of their lives.  This does not include long-term care costs*

Healthcare cost will be the 2nd largest expense in retirement**

Medicare only covers about half of healthcare costs in retirement***

*Fidelity Investments retiree health costs estimate, 2015. Healthcare and nursing home costs may vary by state.

** Take Control of Your 6 Biggest Retirement Expenses,” U.S. News & World Report, August 2015

*** U.S. News & World Report, Take control of your 6 biggest retirement expenses, August 2016


We have a great planning tool that we use to help understand and meet our client’s goals.  Have a look.

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What is the right amount to save when aiming for a certain retirement goal?
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What is the best way to open a 401(k)?
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