Paul Adkins

Personal Finance, Retirement, Lifestage Based Planning
“Advising clients from the beautiful state of NC, Paul is committed to providing each and every client with professional financial assessments, a simple customized plan, competitive products and a personalized service experience”

Parsonex Advisory Services, Inc.

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After years of helping fellow Home Depot employees understand the potential their retirement savings can have when self-managed toward a desired outcome, Paul has acknowledged his calling, secured his license as a Registered Investment Advisor, and accepted the position of Financial Advisor with Parsonex Advisory Services Inc. in 2016.

Why Parsonex? As great as it is to work for a company that offers a 401K plan, your company is in the business of doing what it does best, not the financial advising business. Although the umbrella of benefits offered may be good, most are also quite limited in their ability to really perform well across time. 

That is one reason why Paul has chosen Parsonex. Now he can offer you customized savings and investment planning that can seamlessly coordinate with what you have already established with your employer. Now Paul has the opportunity to really help his clients achieve their financial goals because of the vast number of savings and investment options available through Parsonex that can be incorporated into wherever you are in your stage of life. And now you won’t have to be managing all of this all on your own or relying on a “robo-advisor” that doesn’t know you from Adam (or Eve).

Plus, it is important to Paul that he be able to continue his personal relationships with his clients, long after they have come aboard with Parsonex. He wants to be the one they think of when questions or concerns or worries about finances keep them awake at night. He wants to be the one to help them steady the course when life’s unexpected surprises call for changes. Paul has chosen Parsonex because their client acquisition and retention model reflects Paul’s own, which is to (1) always provide service before product and then to (2) promote products that are consistent with the client’s desired outcome, and to (3) be here for clients, coaching and advising, all of the way along to their financial success. 

Assets Under Management:

$3 million

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Asset Based

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