Evan Levine

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“With over three decades of experience in the financial industry, Evan Levine and his team provide individual investors and 401k plan sponsors comprehensive client-centered financial advice. ”

Complete Advisors

Job Title:

President And Founder


Evan Levine is the President and Founder of Complete Advisors based in Valley Stream NY, an Independent Financial Advisor and Planner (RIA) with 30 years experience. If you are an employer (sponsor) of a qualified retirement plan ( 401k or 403b), Evan can work with you to reduce fees and improve outcomes for your participants. If you are an individual investor he can help you get and stay on track for a secure a comfortable future.

Complete Advisors is an Independent financial advisory and planning firm which assumes a direct fiduciary relationship with retirement plan sponsors and individual investors. Evan and his team's role is to provide comprehensive, objective, and client-centered financial planning advice to individual investors and retirement plan sponsors.

Evan and his team work best with companies and individual investors that are seeking "big picture'' investment & financial guidance, who prefer delegating these functions to a planner or advisor rather than doing it on their own. Together with their strategic partners, Evan provides a Complete 401K / 403b outsourcing solution beyond investment advice including record-keeping, administration, participant education & advice, FULL fiduciary protection - even offering audit support when needed.


BS, Business/Managerial Economics, SUNY Oneonta

Assets Under Management:

$72 million

Fee Structure:


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  • Financial & Retirement Planning Advisor | Nassau County, NY
  • Sector Funds Post 9 29 17
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There are pros and cons to each approach. The pension benefit would offer a fixed and stable income amount but may or may not be adjusted for inflation and would be fully taxable assuming the contributions were not taxed. If you roll the funds into a Roth IRA - it can be very effective because all withdrawals are tax-free. Also you heirs can inherit the IRA and stretch out tax - free withdrawals over their entire lifetimes if they choose to. However, if the original contributions were pre-tax you would need to pay all of the taxes currently upon conversion. These decisions are best made in the context of a big picture comprehensive financial plan.


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