Matthew Garasic

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“Matthew Garasic excels when it comes to helping individuals make decisions today in an attempt to positively influence an uncertain future.”

Strategic Wealth Partners

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Planning Analyst


Matt Garasic is a Planning Analyst at Strategic Wealth Partners. Matt assists advisors in creating comprehensive financial plans that encompass all areas of financial planning. In addition, Matt helps young professionals start their quest for financial freedom through investment advising. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Matt earned his BS in Consumer & Family Financial Services on the CFP® track. Upon graduation, Matt sat for and passed the CFP® Exam and is looking forward to holding the marks within the next year.

Matt first became interested in financial services while taking a high school economics course, he was specifically intrigued by the concept of time value of money. Matt’s favorite part about personal finance is seeing a financial plan come to fruition and the satisfaction it brings to individuals. While younger individuals don't always need a full fledged financial plan, Matt is adamant about educating younger generations on the importance of saving and investing.

Matt is an avid Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland sports fan. A resident of Columbus, Matt enjoys participating in physical activity and watching sports. Specifically, fitness, baseball, basketball, football and mixed martial arts.


BS, Consumer and Family Financial Services, The Ohio State University

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To start, tax-free bond funds should not be held in an IRA. An IRA is a tax-deferred investment vehicle, so, whenever you take a withdrawal from the account you will be taxed. Essentially, the tax-free benefits of the bond fund have been negated since it is inside an IRA. To answer the second part of your question, yes, any distributions from the account will count towards satisfying your RMD for the year. Be sure that you are keeping track of the amount you withdraw and satisfying the RMD requirement to avoid the IRS penalty. I would also suggest switching out of the tax-free fund in your IRA so you can earn more income from a corporate bond ETF/mutual fund. I hope this helps, best of luck!

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