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Timothy Bock

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Timothy Bock, founder of Summit Portfolio Management in 1984 and manages over $100M, takes pride in providing state-of-the-art financial planning strategies, investment portfolio construction and management, and portfolio analysis.”

Summit Portfolio Management

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Timothy Bock, President of Summit Portfolio Management, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Following his formal education in Engineering at Arizona State University, Tim began his career in the investment industry in San Francisco in 1982 where he focused on tax minimization strategies using municipal bonds.

The following year Tim expanded his practice to include full financial planning services and products and went on to become a Registered Investment Advisor and co-owner of a qualified plan consulting firm providing administrative services to 401k plans, pensions, and profit sharing plans.

Through his association with Dimensional Fund Advisors, Tim has had the opportunity to meet and learn from the best and the brightest academic researchers in modern finance. He has attended lectures by David Booth, Warren Buffett, Eugene Fama (Sr. and Jr.), Kenneth French, Rex Sinquefield, William Bernstein, Larry Swedroe, and many others. Tim has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous investment conferences including the Financial Planning Association, American Association of Individual Investors and recently chaired a presentation with James Gottfurcht co-author of Blueprint For Success (2008) on the “Psychology of Money.”

Tim enjoys the challenge of creating optimal solutions to the complex financial situations commonly faced by high net worth clients. Summit Portfolio Management is one of the few firms nationwide to provide “Portfolio Engineering.” Portfolio Engineering encompasses financial planning considerations unique to client circumstances, with the science of investing that utilizes the most current academic research to enhance portfolio solutions.

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$100 million

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