Joe Arns

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“Joe Arns, CFA, provides sophisticated advice to individuals, financial planners, and investment advisors underpinned by an innovative approach to risk tolerance assessment and portfolio construction.”

Northwest Criterion Asset Management

Job Title:

Portfolio Manager


Joe Arns, CFA was an equity research analyst with a wealth management firm outside of Philadelphia in the fall of 2008. He was amazed to see clients jumping out of the stock market at or near the bottom, permanently destroying a good proportion of their wealth. Even though the firm "knew its clients", the tools used to assess risk preferences failed miserably. 

Joe set out to build a better way to evaluate a client's risk appetite and ensure that every investor had their BEST portfolio.  A small survey of investors turned into a large commissioned study of a few thousand investors, and the knowledge base from that proprietary study became the foundation of an investment platform that combines a rich dataset of human behavior with algorithms and human expertise that continually evaluates the investment landscape to ensure each investor's portfolio offers the best return potential for a level of risk that is just right for them. 


BS, Economics, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Assets Under Management:

$64 million

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