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David Leidel

Retirement, Investing, Insurance
“With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, David Leidel strives to provide his clients with a rewarding, sustainable retirement while maintaining their ability to leave money for their heirs.”

Swaine & Leidel Wealth Services

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David Leidel is a partner in the firm Swaine & Leidel Wealth Services. He helps retirees, families, high net-worth individuals, and business owners achieve their retirement and financial goals. Having worked with retirement investors for many years, he knows first-hand the difference that personal guidance and solutions can make for your financial future.

An experienced financial professional, David focuses on helping his clients build, protect, and preserve their wealth. Retirement is a moving target, so investors need dynamic strategies that are tailored to their evolving financial needs and circumstances. As a strong client advocate, David understands this as well as the goals, challenges, and risks which you and other retirement investors face. He begins every client relationship with a careful analysis of individual objectives, needs, time horizon, and other important variables in someone’s complete financial picture. He specializes in developing personalized strategies for legacy wealth planning, estate planning, and retirement income objectives. 

David has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Auburn University and is a graduate of Stetson University. He is also a federally licensed tax practitioner and looks forward to helping you achieve the financial security and peace of mind you desire in your retirement years.


MBA, Business, Auburn University
BBA, General Business and Finance, Stetson University

Assets Under Management:

$30 million

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Swaine & Leidel Wealth Services is a  Registered Investment Advisory firm. Information shared on this site is for general information purposes only. You should consult  your financial, tax, and legal advisors for your specific issues. 

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This will depend on your state's laws surrounding credit protection. Some states like Florida protect your primary residence from collectors. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), annuities and cash value life insurance policies are usually protected as well. An attorney may be able to draft a creditor protected trust, again depending on your state. 

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