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“As the Principal of Enso Wealth Management, Daren Blonski takes the time necessary to clarify his client's goals, construct a strategy to achieve those goals, and support them through education, listening, and guidance.”

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Daren Blonski, co-founder of Enso Wealth Management, brings years of experience and expertise to the firm. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ he has met rigorous professional standards while adhering to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence. Daren serves as lead advisor for many of the firms clients.

Daren has a client centered approach to investing, working with clients to simplify the road to achieving their financial goals. He takes the time necessary to clarify goals, construct a strategy to achieve those goals, and support clients through education, listening, and guidance. The highlight of his job is the joy clients experience when they reach financial fulfillment.

Daren has become an expert in his field with multiple financial designations including Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist℠ (CRPS®), and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠ CRPC®. Clients value his fresh and creative approach to problem solving.

In his free time, Daren enjoys Crossfit. He is active in the community with his beautiful wife and three children.

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    Retirement, Social Security, 401(k), IRAs, Taxes
Why would one recommend maximizing 401(k) contributions before contributing to a Roth IRA account?
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There really is not enough information to understand why one would recommend a 401k over a Roth IRA in your situation.  Below are some aspects you could explore.

  1. Have you considered whether or not your able to do both?
  2. Does your 401K provide a match, if so, by not contributing to the 401k your leaving money on the table?
  3. Is a tax deduction more valuable to you now or later? This really depends on your level of current income and expected income in retirement.
  4. A 401k allows you to save more for retirement than does a Roth IRA.  How much can you afford to save each year?
  5. What investing options does the 401K offer?  Roth IRA’s allow for much more flexibility in the way of investment options.  401k investment options are usually large mutual funds or ETF’s, and are viewed as possibly less risky than are many investments one can buy in a Roth IRA.

Daren Blonski

Enso Wealth Management

March 2018
If I have two IRAs and received a distribution from one of them in September 2017, do I have to wait until September 2018 to take a distribution from the other one?
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March 2018
    Financial Planning, Real Estate
As a recent college graduate in my early thirties, is it a wise financial decision to buy a new car that costs $40,000 if I want to buy a house in the near future?
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March 2018
    Pensions, Social Security, Real Estate
Given the sum I am inheriting, and the pension and Social Security I am eligible for, can I afford to buy a house for $950,000?
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January 2018
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How will the tax reform plan impact municipal investing?
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January 2018