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Justin Brosseau

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Justin Brosseau is a Portfolio Advisor and Financial Advisor for the Thorndyke Sheppard Group of Merrill Lynch.”

Merrill Lynch

Job Title:

Portfolio Advisor, Financial Advisor


Justin joined Merrill Lynch in 2017 after spending three years as a consultant in the financial services industry. He provides tailored financial solutions for clients that take into consideration their needs, goals, risk tolerance, investment time frame, and liquidity requirements.

Justin’s passion to spread financial literacy drives his involvement in Chicago’s youth community as a volunteer mentor with Big Shoulders Fund, Friends for a Future, and Holy Trinity High School. He began investing when he was 16 years old and his passion for guiding others to financial freedom has only flourished since. A graduate of Miami University with a degree in Finance, Justin grew up in Naperville, Illinois, and now lives in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.


BS, Finance, Miami University

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At 21 years old, would it be wise to invest in CDs or go straight to financial market investments?
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Without all information necessary to make a definite recommendation, the obvious answer is absolutely not.

You are far too young to invest in CDs. The reweard is not nearly high enough to even warrant consideration. Say you throw $50k into a 3yr CD at 3% per year compounded monthly, you won't even make $5k on the investment. You have plenty of time ahead of you - don't waste the early years (most important years) on low risk/low reward vehicles like CDs.

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Why doesn't an index fund that tracks an index consistently outperform the index?
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Which investment and/or saving option will help me generate the most funds to put toward a down payment?
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Is purchasing whole life insurance a good investment for me?
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