Matt Moklestad

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Financial planning and the markets are truly a passion of Matt Moklestad, so he likes to keep up on both in his free time.”

Foster Group

Job Title:

Associate Advisor


Matt Moklestad, CFP®, MBA, is an Associate Advisor at Foster Group. In this role, he assists with the delivery and implementation of financial plans and works with many of Foster Group’s institutional clients.  Before joining Foster Group, Matt spent six years at Principal Financial Group, first in investment operations and, ultimately, as an Internal Regional Consultant for Principal Global Investors where he worked with financial advisors to help them meet their clients’ investment goals.

Matt completed his MBA in 2014 at Drake University and became a Certified Financial Planner™ in 2017. Before attending Drake, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management at Grand View University.

To put it simply, Matt really like spending time with people. Whether it’s time at home with family, a conversation with a friend, or meeting someone new, he enjoys it all. Growing up in Des Moines, he has been fortunate to have built many lasting friendships over the years. He got to know his best friend and wife, Tracy, while in college. They were married in 2012 and now have two boys, Sawyer and Everett. Matt loves being a dad!

With family, kids, work, and other activities, life can often feel very full. Matt continues to see the value in revisiting his priorities. He wants to make sure his time, thoughts, and energy are given to those things that are most important. For Matt, that is his relationship with the Lord and his family. If these two areas of his life aren’t right, he finds it very hard to thrive anywhere else.


BBA, Business Administration, Marketing and Management, Grand View University
MBA, Drake University

Assets Under Management:

$200 million

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