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“As the co-founder of Millennial Wealth, Levi Sanchez primarily works with young professionals in the tech industry, assisting with student loan repayment strategies, tax planning, employee benefits optimization, and cash flow/debt management.”

Millennial Wealth

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Levi Sanchez worked in the Wealth Management industry for 3 years at Merrill Lynch as a junior adviser for a team managing nearly half a billion in personal assets. In May of 2017, he decided to depart the wirehouse world and begin his journey to launching an RIA focused on young professionals, whose financial futures can be shaped now. Having control over his own fee structure and marketing techniques would allow Levi to pursue his goal of helping his generation solve their financial problems and build a better future.

The lack of financial education throughout all generations has always been a weakness in our educational system. Making matters worse, the industry caters to individuals with significant wealth over people with little assets in comparison. The end result, on average, young adults don’t establish healthy saving, investing, and debt management habits. Even though that’s the best possible time for these habits to be learned. Therefore, Levi decided to leave the business and start the journey towards launching Millennial Wealth and tackling his goal of educating, investing, and planning for his peer’s futures.

Levi grew up in Eastern Washington and attended Washington State University. He's always had a passion for investing and learning about money. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, basketball and watching the latest shows on Netflix.

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    College Tuition, Mutual Funds, Stocks
Are there funds (other than 529 Plans) for college education costs where I can deposit money regularly and purchase stocks without incurring fees?
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You are correct, a 529 plan would only allow for money to be used for qualified education expenses, otherwise, a 10% penalty is assessed on the withdrawal amount. One interesting note, however, is 529 withdrawals aren't assessed the penalty if the beneficiary receives a scholarship. 

If you'd like your daughter to have the flexibility to spend the money on other things, not just for her education, you should consider a custodial account such as an UTMA/UGMA. A custodial account would allow you to retain control until the age of majority (depending on state 18 or 21 typically), at which time she will receive full control. This type of account would allow you to select investments such as a low-cost index fund. I would suggest looking at Vanguard, you can also open a custodial account directly through them. 

I do advise you to understand that this account gives your daughter FULL control at the age of majority. Unfortunately, most individuals aren't financially savvy at that age since financial literacy isn't taught in school. Open communication regarding the intention of the account and responsibility is key. 


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If I transfer Roth 401(k) funds to a Roth IRA, are they subject to required minimum distributions at 70.5 years old?
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Should I roll over the funds in my 403(b) account to an IRA?
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What are the tax benefits of putting a lump sum of $20,000 into a 529 plan every year to help our daughter with school tuition?
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How should we split our funds between a savings account, brokerage account, and car loan?
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