Chad Rixse

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““As the co-founder of Millennial Wealth, Chad Rixse primarily works with young professionals in the tech industry, assisting with student loan repayment strategies, tax planning, employee benefits optimization, and cash flow/debt management.””

Millennial Wealth, LLC

Job Title:

Co-Founder, Chief Compliance Officer


Chad Rixse spent 3 years in the bank-run private wealth management world working primarily with high net worth families and individuals. As much as he enjoyed helping this demographic, he realized that many people, particularly those from his generation, were far too often left behind.

Chad wanted to change that.

Chad's mission in life has always been to help others. As a child, he wanted to become a doctor because he found that helping others was such a rewarding experience for him. Although the medical field did not become his path, he's found another way to fulfill this mission.

The truth is, Chad believes his generation faces a unique set of circumstances. They live in a digital era surrounded by technology and a constant stream of information. Many of them are college educated and burdened with student loans. They lived through, and very well remember, one of the worst financial crises in history. Plus to top it all off, they were taught very little in school about healthy financial habits and preparing for the future.

None of this sat well with Chad. As a Millennial himself, he has experienced many of these struggles first-hand. He knew he had to act. He knew he had to actually do something about it. When he found Levi, it quickly became clear how he was going to make that happen.


BA, Spanish, University of Washington

Assets Under Management:

$1 million

Fee Structure:


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- You are unmarried;

- You are age 62 or older

- Your ex-spouse is entitled to social security benefits or disability benefits; and 

- The benefit you are entitled to receive based on your own work is less than the benefit you would receive based on your ex-spouse's work.

Typically, if you remarry, you cannot claim benefits on your ex-spouses record unless your later marriage ends. Sounds to me like you are not eligible to claim benefits based on your ex-spouse's record simply due to the fact your marriage to them did not last 10 years. 

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