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Jim Girlando

Personal Finance, Retirement, Investing
“Jim Girlando, founder of JA Girlando Financial Planning, LLC, is driven to help others take control of their personal financial lives and learn to manage this aspect of their lives with minimal outside help.”

JA Girlando Financial Planning, LLC

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Jim Girlando was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, which is in the northeast corner of the state. Some say they can still, after all these years, detect an East Coast accent. Of course, he does visit relatives there every summer. Having lived his formative years 17 miles from New York City, he became a life-long New York Yankees and New York “football” Giants fan. Hopefully, this won’t deter Broncos and Rockies fans and fans of other teams from seeking out his professional advice.

Jim's Bachelor of Science degree is in Computer Science (yes they had computers back then … and punched-card readers too) with a minor in mathematics. His Master of Arts degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, which he earned as he was transitioning to being a teacher.

Jim's mission is to provide affordable retirement planning to those who wouldn't normally seek out professional financial help; to enable clients to self-manage all aspects of their finances, de-mystify financial processes, and provide the necessary information to make topics such as saving, taxes, and retirement easy, understandable, and straightforward.

Jim has been helping friends and colleagues with their financial questions and financial lives for as long as he can remember. After having careers in large computer system sales and as a high school mathematics teacher, he decided it was a good time to “officially” become a financial planner and help every day folks plan for their retirement.

Jim earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional designation to round out his planning skills and thus became a fiduciary for all his clients.

Being a teacher has always been in Jim's heart, so switching careers from sales to teaching was an easy decision. Although he may no longer be formally teaching in the local high schools, the gift of teaching is still with him and he is always applying this ability while helping people with their finances. Along with the affordable retirement plan that he offers to clients, he will answer all the financial questions they have in a simple and easy to understand way.

Jim and his beautiful wife, Sue, have two wonderful adult sons -Stephen and Joshua. Stephen is married to Brooke and they have been blessed with an awesome daughter, named Coraline, their first grandchild. Stephen will soon have his EE degree from UCCS and works at Samtec Microelectronics in Colorado Springs. Brooke has a Masters in Psychology and works at Focus on the Family. Joshua is matriculating towards a degree in Biblical and Pastoral Studies at Shiloh University, while working in Castle Rock at Aircraft Performance Group.

In addition to being a director on the board at his church, Living Word Chapel in Palmer Lake, Jim is also the treasurer. He is part of making sure that there is integrity in how the finances are handled by the church. He bring this same integrity in working with you and your finances.

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    Investing, Asset Allocation, Choosing an Advisor
Should I keep money in a high yield savings account until it is to be invested?
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You can invest without using a planner who charges you 0.70%. I recommend you invest (and you can use the cash you're holding to invest also) in passively managed mutual funds (index funds).

The best place to invest is in index funds because over the long haul actively managed funds can't beat passively managed (index) funds. Part of the reason is the very low costs that index funds take from your return. They just follow the market as opposed to trying to beat the market, which costs more money.

Vanguard started the first index fund and is the place to contact. Subtract your age decade from 120, 110, or 100 and the answer is the percentage of your invested money to have in stocks. The rest goes into bonds. I recommend using Vanguard's Total US Stock Market Index Fund for your stock percentage and their Total Bond Market Index Fundfor you bond investment.

Each time you reach a new age decade it's time to put 10% more in the bond fund and 10% less in the stock fund so your investments get more conservative as you age. The only other time you touch this money is to re-balance when you get more than 5% out-of-balance. I check every 3 months, because that is when I get a statement from Vanguard. You can re-balance once per year if you like, but you do need to re-balance.

Vanguard will try to talk you into an International Fund, but you don't need it. For one thing the international market used to go in the opposite direction to the US market, but it now tends to go in the same direction. Also the largest US companies (which you'll own in your stock fund) have exposure overseas. Jack Bogle who started Vanguard and index funds and is now 88 and a Vanguard Chaiman Emeritus agrees with me, though those currently at Vanguard may not be trained that way.

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With only $192,000 saved, should I retire or not?
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Which credit card should I cancel?
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What is my capital gains tax liability if I sell two homes to buy one?
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Is it advantageous to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA during a 50 percent market downturn?
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