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5 Apps to Help You Track Your Finances

With today’s ever-advancing technology, tracking your finances has never been easier. No matter what route you’re hoping to take with your fiscal matters, there’s likely a website or app for to help you get there. Here are five of my favorite budgeting apps that can and will help you keep tabs on your money.

  1. Mint.com – This app, available for both iPhone and Android, is not only an app but a website as well. It’s a basically a complete snapshot of your financial path. It uses a simple interface that’s easy for anyone to integrate into his or her lifestyle. You can track investments and see just exactly how much your net worth is. It’s extremely popular among Millennials and Gen Yers.
  2. Wally – For those who travel extensively, this is without a doubt an excellent tool to add to their financial repertoire. Rated number one in 22 countries, Wally allows you to keep all your cash, credit, savings, etc. in line. You’ll get a 360-degree snapshot of finances and be able to track expenses easily by taking photos of receipts and assigning categories to your purchases. While very similar to mint.com, Wally interfaces with other currencies a little better, making it a global leader in financial apps. It too is available for both iPhone and Android.
  3. Good Budget – Another app that you’ll find on both iPhone and Android that is a great planning tool. It helps people stick to a budget. The idea behind it is the envelope system—making it an electronic version of envelopes that can be shared amongst family members, thanks to a cloud syncing method. It’s definitely a powerful budgeting software that will keep you and your family’s spending habits on track. (For related reading, see: Budgeting Basics: Mistakes to Avoid.)
  4. Wallet – Distributed by budbakers.com, it’s considered the most comprehensive income and expense app with cloud synchronization. You can basically access your data at any time, anywhere in the world. It has multiple widgets allowing you the capability to drag and drop and even provides digital purchasing power through the app. Its platform is designed to work with iPhone, Android and even the Android watch. Another awesome feature to this app is the ability to export files in PDF format.
  5. Budget – A fairly new app that creates an envelope system similar to Good Budget, yet with this app you can plan a trip and the amount you want to spend on that trip. If you need to know what your car expenses are, you can track exactly what you’re spending. It gives you the ability to budget very large expenses and helps you avoid surprises by keeping you informed of what is going where. 

Each of these apps offer amazing tools to help keep you fiscally responsible, and give you slightly different features to meet your needs. However, the biggest drawback to every one of them is…you have to use them. They won’t do you any good if you don’t incorporate them into your everyday life. Just like any plan you make, it won’t work until you begin implementing it.

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