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To Save More, Focus on Your Needs, Not Your Wants

We all know that being able to save is very important when trying to grow assets. To eventually find financial freedom and have our assets give us the income that we need to live, we need to be able to live on a smaller amount of money than what we are bringing home. However, there are a lot of forces working against us trying to make us spend more. Marketers are getting smarter and more effective in getting us to overspend.

It is true that getting what you need for a smaller price is a good thing, however more people are falling into the trap marketers plant to make us buy more. To become financially successful, you need to understand the difference between buying on sale and being frugal.

Be Aware of Marketers Techniques Use to Make You Buy More

Marketers study human behavior. They know about the mood they need to put you in so that you buy more. They use color, scents, sounds and textures to convince you that you need their products.

Pricing is also an important tool they use. For example, recent research found that coupons actually have neurological effects on customers. They impact happiness and lower stress. Marketers understand that people want a good deal and offering coupons might be a way to get customers to feel good about purchasing their products.

As a financially savvy consumer, you need to be aware of the techniques marketers use so that you can be ready to resist to the temptation. (For related reading, see: Sneaky Strategies That Fuel Overspending.)

Focus on What You Want Versus What You Need

To be smarter with your money, you need to determine the difference between what you want and what you need. Needs are everything you have to have to be able to go on with your day. Besides food, water, shelter and clothing, there isn’t much more we substantially need. Depending on your career choice or goals you are aiming for, there might be other things you need to accomplish them.

The rest of the stuff we buy are wants! To become financially successful, you need to control yourself when dealing with your wants. You need a priority list to help you stay within your budget. This will ensure you have some money to invest for later.

What Is Frugality?

Frugality is not about depriving yourself. It’s not about living a substandard life. It is actually about avoiding waste. To stop you from spending money on stuff you don’t really need, you have to find out what is important to you. There are too many things we buy every day that we end up throwing away. The few dollars you could save can make a huge difference over the long term. Would it be worth it to be frugal with your money if it meant you afford something really important to you later?

Take a hard look at all of the money that you waste on small things and make a plan to control your “want” expenses. If you still decide to purchase a certain want and are able to to buy it on sale, more power to you. It’s time for you to take control over your money. Don’t let marketers dictate how to spend it.

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