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Can I invest in real estate while young and in the military, and if so, how can I manage my investment while deployed?

I am 17 years old and enlisted in the military and would like to invest in real estate while deployed. How can I get started doing this, and how can I manage my investment while deployed?

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May 2018

First, thank you for your service! The answer is yes, you can investment in real estate, but you need a plan. Investing in real estate can be very exciting, but it comes with a lot of risk. I have some ideas that could help you get organized and implement a strategy to help you with your goals. Let’s start off with understanding the type of real estate investor you would like to be. There are many different types and levels of real estate investors, so which one do you feel the most comfortable with. Find some books on different strategies to read while on deployment. Next, find real estate clubs wherever you are stationed or visiting. Many real estate clubs have clinics that will teach and help you along the way, these connections could prove to be important. This means partnering with people you can trust that could help you as you are learning.

Show me the money! Other important considerations. Buying real estate generally requires capital, how will you gain access to capital to secure a real estate deal? While on deployment, who will watch and care for the needs of the real estate property? Also, consider saving your money by having a personal savings account and a retirement account, with TSP. Lending institutions and investors partnering with you like to see liquid assets. These are a few small steps for you to consider and keep in mind to take your time, be prepared and execute once you’re ready.  

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