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Can you explain why a live advisor is a better option for financial advice than a low-fee, low-minimum automated advisory service?

While researching different options for financial advisors, I came across automated "advisor-like services" with very low fees and a low minimum. Can you explain why a live advisor is better option for financial advice? Should virtual advisors systems be used for some funds and not for others?

Investing, Choosing an Advisor
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March 2018

For some people, the automated, low-cost option IS the best option, but many others want and need the advice and coaching of an advisor, because my job as an advisor was MUCH more than just managing your investment accounts. For example, all of my clients recieve financial planning services if we manage investment accounts for them (at no additional cost). We get to know you and stay alongside you throughout the years as your life circumstances (death, job change, new additions to the family, divorce, marriage, aging parents, inheritance, etc.) change. It's more of a coaching or shepherding experience for our clients, and it's a relationship that deepends over time. Many of my clients are now very good friends.

One good example of why you might want an adivsor is - how are you feeling watching the markets bounce around right now? Does it worry you? Make you nervous? Make you want to get out of the markets?

Helping to manage your emotions and stay on track is one of the most important jobs a human advisor will do for you. A Robo will only follow orders, and you can steer yourself off a cliff letting emotions make those money decisions.

All my best!

March 2018
March 2018
March 2018