Do your earnings at the point of retirement impact Social Security benefits?

Do the amount of earnings at the time of retirement affect the value of one's SS benefits? Or are SS benefits determined by the total amount you have contributed throughout the years?

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May 2017
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The Social Security Administration uses your highest 35 years of earnings to calculate your benefits. Thus, any lower earning at your early careers may be swapped by some higher earning at the later years. Theoretically, the longer you can work (preferably to the 70), the better or higher SS benefits you could get. Not only it beefs up your payment, but also it benefits your spouse, who could get 100% of what you earn as a survivor spouse. However, there’s no reason to wait any longer than 70 as no extra credit will be given after that. Also, if you file the SS benefits prior to your full retirement age, there can be some deduction due to the Earning Test. Work with a professional to find out when your optimal filing time is. Best!

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