Does it make sense to transfer our IRA to a different branch?

We are considering transferring our IRAs from Wells Fargo to Vanguard or Fidelity. Would this be a good strategy when we're about 2-3 years from retirement just to save fees?

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October 2016
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Thank you for your question. Fees can definitely impact your IRA's, even for just 2-3 years. Also, keep in mind that although you are 2-3 years from retirement, you would most likely not be taking all the money out of your IRA's in one lump sum, but drawing on them for many years, thus the fees you will be paying can make a big difference.  

Here are the rules on rollovers from the IRS. Please consider me a resource should you have additional questions or wish you have an objective review of your current IRA's and what other options exist.

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Derek Notman

October 2016
October 2016
October 2016
October 2016