Does my wife get a percentage of my Social Security benefit after she retires and claims her own benefits?

I plan on retiring at (or after) full retirement age. My wife is five years younger than me and plans to retire between the ages of 62-65. Does my wife get a percentage of my Social Security benefit while she continues to work? Does she get a percentage of my Social Security benefit after she retires and while claiming her own Social Security benefit?

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2 weeks ago

Short answer is it depends.  When you go to collect your wife will get nothing regardless if she is working or not.  However, if she goes to collect she'll have an option.  She can take her benefit straight up or if her spousal benefit is higher than what her own benefit would be (typically it is a percent of your benefit) than she can opt for the higher spousal benefit. Social Security department will talk you through it, but for planning purposes that is how it works.  For reference the highest amount it could be would be if you were collecting, your wife hit her full retirement age (likely 66-67 but should be on her statement) and then she filed to collect.  At this rate she would receive about 50% of your full retirement amount (assuming that you also waited until your full retirement age to collect).

2 weeks ago