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Historically, what percentage of penny stocks have become big companies over the long term?

For example, Danaher Corporation (DHR) started around approximately 5 to 7 cents a share. Over the years it has split 4 or 5 times and is now sitting around approximately $90 per share this year.

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December 2017

Honestly very few.  Especially in today's new public markets where companies can get liquidity in the private markets before ever going public they are going public much later and are more mature businesses when they become publically traded.  The penny stocks out there are not like the penny stocks of yesteryear.  They are companies that no other options but to try and get liquidity to continue to operate.  Remember, institutions are not allowed to invest in penny stocks so it is hard for them to go up much.  Way more will go under than will even double.  Be careful...go to Vegas and bet on black, its way more fun.

December 2017