How can I close my shorted position on a de-listed stock?

How can I get money back from my broker on a shorted position, but the company is already de-listed? The broker told me to wait until the company listed again or wait 6 months before I can refund my money from them because of the position. I am charged $40.46 everyday for the borrowed stock, what should I do to close the position?

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May 2017

It sounds as though you are dealing with an unscrupulous broker who probably has committed other illegal acts.  You should report your broker to and clearly state the exact details of your situation.  You should not be paying anything to keep this short position and it is a simple matter to close out a short position in a delisted security.  Most brokers credit their clients with additional funds for selling short rather than charging them except in very rare situations where the stocks are difficult to borrow (which would not apply in your case).  I would seriously consider dealing with a more reputable and well-known broker in the future such as Fidelity, E*TRADE, Vanguard,, TD Ameritrade, and similar nationwide or worldwide companies with multi-decade solid reputations.

May 2017