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How can I ensure that where I am investing my money is legitimate?

I recently invested $100,000 through a good friend. I did a lot of research, but after three months I am earning a lot of money and it sounds too good to be true. What can I do to ensure the legitimacy of this investment? I can take my money out now if I need to, but I prefer to keep investing.

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April 2018

That's pretty vague, but a good place to start is your state's financial regulatory agency.  Here's a list:
If this investment is a scam it may already be on your state's radar.  Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of scams is they're "through a good friend".  Good for you for your due diligence. I'm curious what kind of research you did and what you came up with.  It would be worth the money to hire an experienced, fiduciary financial adviser to weigh in on this.  Right away!


April 2018
April 2018