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How can I invest in my mid-20s with potential for high returns without tremendous levels of risk?

I'm interested in starting a portfolio, with the goal of compounding returns and potentially providing enough income to retire young. Most advice I've read seems to indicate that I can afford to take on slightly more risk at a young age since my time horizon is longer. I'm not interested in day trading, but investing for years at a time seems like it might be too slow paced to keep me interested. What suggestions do you have for someone interested in starting a career in investing who wants potential for higher returns without getting into tremendous levels of risk? What should I look out for, what potential instruments/strategies give me the best chance at growth and income?

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May 2019

You can't receive high rates of return with no risk.  The economic and investment system does not work that way.  There are obscure situations that fall out of this norm but finding unicorns are difficult.  I would not buy individual stocks but the easiest way is to buy a diversified basket of index funds.  They are cheap, tax efficient and assuming that history repeats at some level, you have the potenial to make a tremendous amount of money by the time you retire.  That is your best odds on chance to accomplish what you outline above.

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